Ohio River Greenway

Thanks for a wonderful 2016 Tour de Pork

Saturday, August 8th’s Tour de Pork had a huge turnout with over 400 participants on the ride!

Below is a letter  to the editor of the News and Tribune expressing gratitude:

“In 2008 I received a call from The Fat Boy Bikers. They wanted to give the Ohio River Greenway the proceeds from a very casual BBQ and bike ride, which had grown from a family and friend gathering into more than what they could do in their backyards any longer. I had only been working in the non-profit industry as a consultant for under a year.  I didn’t realize how rare an offer like this is.  The Ohio River Greenway benefited from the generosity of the Fat Boy Bikers: Paul Dunsford, Mike Jenkins, Mike Fitzpatrick, Bob Grable, Steven Dunsford, Paul Rutledge, Steve Wilkinson and Steve Helm, their wives, kids and extended families again this weekend.  These volunteers throw an event which has the feel of a good time family reunion.  Donors offset the costs of the event: Eckart Wholesale Supplies, JBS, One Anethesia, Turtle Run Winery, Mischler Orthodontics, Starlight Coffee Co., Clarksville Schwinn, IU Alumni Association- Louisville Southern Indiana chapter.  Maybe it is because all gather to help get the Ohio River Greenway completed and we all know just how much of an amazing project it is, or maybe it is the perfect combination of Turtle Run Wine and slow cooked BBQ pork; but either way you can actually feel a buzz of community pride in the air.  I appreciate these fine Southern Hoosiers for putting on the Tour de Pork for the last 9 years.

Thank you on behalf of the Ohio River Greenway Commission.

Shaunna Graf, Project Director”