Ohio River Greenway

2015 IUS Study on the Economic Impact of the Greenway

During the Spring semester of 2015, IUS School of Business Urban Economics undergraduate students conducted an economic impact survey the results of which help the communities surrounding the Ohio River Greenway understand the economic and locational impact visitors to the Greenway have on their businesses and amenities.  The students conducted surveys at various times and places concentrating on the areas around the Big 4 Bridge and the New Albany Amphitheater.

The general findings were that 45% of the visitors polled were in the area and spent money because of the Ohio River Greenway and 62% of these were visitors to the area or non-locals.  66% of respondents would have taken their spending outside of the defined local area if the Greenway did not exist.  These findings show that the Ohio River Greenway has contributed positively to the economic and locational impact of the communities and will continue to do so as the survey results further show that 87% of the visitors would recommend the Greenway to others.

Click here to download the entire survey report and results.